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Playa de San Juan (Alicante Beaches)


Easily accessible yesteryear tram, San Juan beach is vii kilometres of beautiful fine white sand, which is considered to endure i of the finest inwards Espana in addition to for golfing enthusiasts it besides boasts an 18-hole golf game course! This beach is backed yesteryear residential properties inwards the main, then doesn't render all the facilities you lot may endure used to, all the same at the cease of the beach closest to Alicante City, at that spot is a small-scale smattering of restaurants in addition to bars where you lot tin bask a recess from the sun.
However our tip would endure to remain on the tram until you lot accomplish the lovely town of El Campello, taking inwards the scenery every bit you lot locomote along the coast (only a 25-minute journeying from Alicante City). Here you lot convey all the facilities of the bars in addition to fine restaurants that fall out onto the lovely promenade that winds unopen to the 2 beaches that the town offers. Both convey beautiful white sands, H2O sports facilities in addition to gently shelving shores that are perfectly prophylactic for children. Stroll along the shady promenade towards the Marina in addition to spotter the line-fishing boats province their grab or, if you lot fourth dimension your take in right, immerse yourself inwards the hustle in addition to bustle of the weekly fish market! Either means whether you lot are calling for a brief hold off or staying for the day, the town of El Campello has something to offering everyone.